Imnavait Creek Permanent Vegetation Plots

Walker DA, Lederer ND, and Walker MD. 1987. Permanent vegetation plots: Site factors, soil physical and chemical properties and plant species cover. Department of Energy R4D Program, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

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General Description, Plot SW-53

general site photo
Plant community:Dry
Dryas octopetala octopetala, Kobresia myosuroides, Anemone drummondii, Smelowskia calycina, Erigeron muirii, Thamnolia subuliformis, Cetraria sp., Cornicularia divergens,
prostrate-shrub, fruticose-lichen tundra
Microsite:iiExposed sandstone outcrop, south-facing slope
Other plots with a similar microsite:
SW-33*, SW-42*, SW-52, SW-53, SW-54, SW-58a,
Date sampled: 8/24/85
Plot location: 149° 17.69' W, 68° 37.2' N
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