Imnavait Creek Permanent Vegetation Plots

Walker DA, Lederer ND, and Walker MD. 1987. Permanent vegetation plots: Site factors, soil physical and chemical properties and plant species cover. Department of Energy R4D Program, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

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Table 2. Summary of areas sampled in 1984 and 1985

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MicrositePlotsNo. of plots
Water tracks SW-2*, SW-4a, SW-5, SW-7, SW-11*, SW-34, SW-49, 7
Margins of water tracks SW-4b, SW-10, 2
Hill slopes between water tracks SW-1, SW-3, SW-8*, SW-12, SW-13, SW-17, SW-45, SW-48, SW-50, SW-61, SW-62, 11
Hill slopes with stone stripes, non-frost-scar areas SW-26, SW-29a, SW-30a, SW-32a*, SW-44a, 5
Frost-scars on stone stripes SW-29b, SW-30b, SW-32b*, SW-44b, SW-58b, 5
Wet frost scars SW-69, SW-70, SW-71, 3
Hill slopes, areas between stone stripes SW-27, SW-31, SW-46, 3
Wet hill slopes with solifluction features, tops of solifluction hummocks SW-6*, SW-35a, SW-36a, 3
Wet hill slopes with solifluction features, areas between hummocks SW-35b, SW-36b, 2
Wet meadow with strangmoor, areas between hummocks SW-18, SW-19*, SW-20, SW-21a, SW-22a*, SW-25b, 6
Wet meadow with strangmoor, hummocks SW-21b, SW-22b, SW-25a, 3
Palsas SW-24*, SW-67, 2
Dry rocky till deposits SW-9, SW-28, SW-38, SW-39, SW-43, 5
Dry sandstone outcrops SW-33*, SW-42*, SW-52, SW-53, SW-54, SW-58a, 6
Snowbeds SW-40, SW-41, SW-51, SW-55, SW-56, SW-57, SW-59, SW-60, SW-72, SW-73, 10
Stream channel SW-16*, SW-23, 2
Creek margin SW-14, SW-15, SW-47, SW-68, 4
Boulderfield SW-63, SW-64, 2
Pond SW-37, SW-65, SW-66, 3
* Plots with soil descriptions