Toolik Lake Permanent Vegetation Plots

Walker D.A. and Barry N. 1991. Toolik Lake permanent vegetation plots: site factors, soil physical and chemical properties, plant species cover, photographs, and soil descriptions. Data Report 48, Department of Energy R4D Program, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

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Soil Description, Plot SWT-38

soil photo
Classification:Histic Pergelic Cryaquoll, fine-loamy, mixed.
Location:Northwest side of Toolik Lake. Close to plot SWT-37, on strang. Part of toposequence SWT-37 – SWT-47. 68°38' N, 149°38' W.
Physiographic position:Colluvial basin, on fen margin.
Topography:Aligned hummock in flat fen.
Microrelief Height:10-15 cm.
Drainage:Poorly drained.
Vegetation:Moist Carex aquatilis s.l., Dryas integrifolia, Tomentypnum nitens, sedge, dwarf-shrub tundra
Parent material:Colluvial deposit.
Sampled by:D.A. Walker and C. Westberg, August 8, 1989.
Remarks:Ground frozen at 78 cm.
Weather:Clear, breezy.
Horizons:Colors are for the wet soil.
Oi0-3 cm. Loose mat of live mosses, moss bases, dead sedge leaves; pH = 7.0; abrupt smooth boundary. (Sample T-085).
Oa3-8 cm. Very dark brown after rubbing (7.5YR 2/1.5) sapric material with est. < 1 percent by volume silt; after rubbing < 1 percent recognizable plant material; loose structure; moist to wet; smooth, nonsticky, slightly plastic (wet); pH = 7.5; many fine and very fine roots, < 1 percent recognizable plant material after rubbing; abrupt smooth boundary. (Sample T-086).
IIOe18-19 cm. Very dark brown after rubbing (7.5YR 2/3) hemic material with est. < 2 percent by volume loamy sand; after rubbing 50 percent recognizable plant fibers; weak, medium, platy structure, due to compressed organics; wet; many fine and very fine roots; clear smooth boundary. (Sample T-087).
IIOe219-24 cm. Very dark brown (10YR 2/2.5) hemic material with est. 5 percent by volume loam; weak, medium, platy structure due to compressed organics; wet; gritty, slightly sticky, plastic (wet); many very fine roots; abrupt smooth boundary.
Bg24-53 cm. Very dark grey (10YR 3.5/1) organic rich gravelly sandy clay loam; massive structure; wet; gritty, plastic, sticky (wet); pH = 5.7; est. 15 percent fine gravel < 2 cm diameter; clay increases at 50 cm depth; common very fine roots; water table at 27 cm. (Sample T-088).
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