Imnavait Creek Permanent Vegetation Plots

Walker DA, Lederer ND, and Walker MD. 1987. Permanent vegetation plots: Site factors, soil physical and chemical properties and plant species cover. Department of Energy R4D Program, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO.

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Environmental Information, Plot SW-45

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Date sampled:8/21/85Tussock Thaw Depth:55 cm
Landform: SideslopeInter-Tussock Thaw Depth:42 cm
Terrain Unit: TillBare Soil0%
Aspect:270°Soil Type Histic Pergelic Cryaquept
Exposure (scalar)**:2.5Soil Moisture (scalar)**:7.0
Surface Form: Featureless groundLow shrub cover:20%
Microsite: Dwarf shrub cover:40%
Microsite Cover: Average shrub height:0 cm
Site Moisture (scalar)**:7.0Tussock Graminoid Cover:10.0%
Estimated Snow Duration (scalar)**:3.5Nontussock Graminoid Cover:30.0%
Snow Depth (5/17/87)*:0 cmForb Cover:1%
Stability (scalar)**:2.5Lichen Cover:8%
Cryoturbation:0Bryophyte Cover:90%
Microrelief Height:20 cm 
*Mean of five measurements
**Scalar values (Exposure, Site Moisture, Est. Snow Duration, Stability, and Soil Moisture) are linked to Table 3. Legend for the environmental variables used in the R4D vegetation studies