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Larix cajanderi

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  • Image author: Vladimir Dinets ©
  • The world's northernmost forest, of 'Larix cajanderi' at Ary-Mas, Taimyr Peninsula. There are 2 isolated groves, separated from the timberline by 200 km of tundra (5). Where the two species are distinguished (as they often are in Russia), L. gmelinii s.s. occurs from central Siberia E to about longitude 120°E to 125°E, which area comprises a zone of hybridization with L. cajanderi, which occurs in nearly all of forested Siberia E of longitude 125°E. 'Larix gmelinii and L. cajanderi do not differ in either qualitative morphological features or quantitative measurements. There is both geographical and ecological isolation between them. Larix cajanderi grows in more rigorous ecological conditions than L. gmelinii... [D]ifferences in the qualitative characteristics are gradual and are probably caused by clinal variation' (6).
  • Ary-Mas, Taimyr Peninsula, Russia
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