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Festuca altaica

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  • Controversial Drummond isotype specimens: GH. Drummond collections of F. altaica housed at the Gray Herbarium. Left, the original sheet appears to have been cut around the plant material on the left hand side of the sheet and mounted onto a second sheet with no more information on the entire sheet than is shown on the right hand side. On the extreme left the words along the border read, '' F. Thurberi V = scabrella''. The writing at the bottom left hand corner is, ''Rky. Mt. Drummond''. The specimen was photographed by Agriculture Canada as number 279. The upper annotation reads, ''Festuca altaica Trin. in Ledeb. (possible isotype of F. scabrella Torr. in Hook.) Determined by Leon E. Pavlick, B.C. Provincial Museum, Victoria. Sept. 1981.'' The lower annotation reads, ''probably isotype of Festuca scabrella Torr. in Hook. (nix Thurberi!) Aug. 27 1947. C.A. Taylor Jr.'' (C.A. Taylor was a student of H.A. Gleason at Cornell University who began a thesis study of Festuca but never finished it). Right, a second sheet that appears to be the other half of the sheet on the left. This has been stamped ISOTYPE. The annotation beside the stamp reads, ''Festuca scabrella Torr. in Hook. Fl. Bot. Am. 2. p. 252. t. 233. Rocky Mts. Hook. ex. Torr. Drummond (original stook)''. A second closely associated label reads, ''Ex. Herb. George Thurber (Purchased 1800)''.
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