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Selaginella selaginoides

  • Family name: Selaginellaceae
  • Common name: club spikemoss
  • Growth form: Pteridophyte
  • Names used on the Toolik-Arctic Geobotanical Atlas maps:
    • Toolik Permanent Plots: Selaginella selaginoides

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  1. Selaginella selaginoides    , club spikemoss
  2. July 2004, Kilpisjärvi, Finland
    Image author: Harri Arkkio ©
    Website: Finnish Tree of Life
    Source of original image

  1. Selaginella selaginoides    , club spikemoss
  2. at Rax, Lower Austria. Approx. 1600 m
    Image author: Griensteidl de Benutzer
    Website: Wikipedia image
    Source of original image

  • For more information about this plant:
    • USDA PLANTS Database: sese